Pool Training - The Perfect Workout

Pool training is perfect for your mental and physical health. Whether you're learning to swim or an advanced water athlete, try a pool workout to experience the benefits :

  • Total body conditioning
  • Improved aerobic capacity a.k.a. the ultimate cardio.
  • Improved breathwork & CO2 tolerance
  • Burn more calories by training harder for longer (water relaxes you by naturally regulating your body.)
  • Improve mental resilience & boost confidence.
  • Increase athletic explosiveness

Best of all, pool training is :

  • Safe and low impact on joints
  • Helps build comfort in the water.
  • Lots of FUN!
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Inspired by XPT

XPT is a training system developed by big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and pro volleyball player Gabby Reece.
XPT has been battle tested on professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, World Rugby, and elite level surf community.

Pool workouts are great for beginners, professionals, and everywhere in between.

Check Out This Video to See What Pool Training is All About

Who Can Benefit?


Pool training is a fun & effective workout that works for beginners. Safely acclimatize in less than 4 ft of water (no swimming experience needed.)

Experienced Athletes

Swimmers, surfers, free divers, and experienced water athletes of all kinds will love a new challenge. Much more interesting and engaging than lap swim.

High Performers

Train mindset and mental focus through workouts that safely push you out of your comfort zone.

Post-Injury Athletes

Pool workouts let you safely work out while you're rehabbing due to water's naturally protective qualities.


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